for laser applications with increased dust

Extraction and filter system TBH GL 265 ZA

The units of the GL series are characterised by their compact, modular design, which allows the filter equipment to be adapted easily to the respective application. The systems in the GL (GREEN LINE) series have been developed as particularly environmentally friendly filter and extraction systems, which meets the requirements of TBH GmbH as an environmental technology company. Special energy-saving and noise-reduced blowers are used, which enable use even in noise-sensitive environments such as laboratories and offices.

The most important advantages:

  • Modular design
  • Can be upgraded with different filter modules
  • Easy filter change
  • Energy-saving, powerful and quiet

Technical information:

Fields of application:

  • Soldering work (multi-station extraction)
  • Laser processing
  • Working processes with sticky/moist dusts
  • Working processes with vapours/gases
  • Noise-sensitive environments

Scope of delivery:

  • Completely assembled incl. the following filter:
  • Z-LinepanelPlus filter 16360 1
  • Particulate filter 10009 2
  • Activated Carbon/BAC filter 12052 3
  • 4 castors for mobile use
  • Power cable